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Scepter Canada Inc.


Popular Products


5L Fuel Container
Scepter fuel containers are made from a high-density polyethylene plastic that is rustproof, nearly unbreakable and non-corrosive.


Combo Fuel Container
The combo can is designed for dual usage; one holding compartment for mixed fuel (oil/gasoline), the other for unmixed.


Max Flo, Flo’n Go, Universal Fuel Pump
FlowN’Go MaxFlo pumps fuel in any direction, from up to 1.2 meters away, for easy fill-ups in hard to reach places.

AboutĀ Scepter Canada Inc.

Scepter is a global leader in portable fuel containers and marine products. As the first manufacturer of Jerry Cans in North America, Scepter has spent decades fabricating safe and reliable fuel containers for the outdoor power equipment market. Pioneering the blow-moulded polyethylene fuel container field in the late 1950s, Scepter was also among the first to introduce a full line of UN, CARB and OTC compliant fuel containers.

Scepter carries a diverse line of polyethylene products for professional and Do-It-Yourself applications in the marine, automotive, lawn and garden, and homecare industries. All products are made contractor-tough and are also designed for convenient, everyday use around the house. All containers are environmentally friendly, reducing smog-forming emissions and spills.

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