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Carburetor Rebuild Kit
Walbro K10-WAT, Model WA, WT Carburetors, Part No. 18157


Fuel Filter
Husqvarna, Poulan, Jonsereds (503443201), Porous Plastic, Fits 3/16” Fuel Line Part No. 22113


Primer Bulb
Walbro (188-512-1) Model WT, WYJ, WYK Carburetors Part No. 23238

About D.E. Errick Inc.

D.E. Errick is the leading manufacturer of high quality aftermarket fuel systems and carburetor parts. From the outset, the D.E. Errick company has been a pioneer in the aftermarket parts industry, providing quality products at competitive prices for over 40 years. Years of experience has led D.E. Errick to produce products that parallel, and in some cases surpass, the performance of original equipment products. These exceptional standards are maintained by utilizing high-quality tooling, sourcing American made raw materials, and manufacturing domestically in the USA.

The D.E. Errick product line services small 2 & 4-cycle engine fuel systems that principally fit hand-held outdoor power equipment applications such as chainsaws, string-trimmers, and leaf blowers. They offer a wide range of carburetor diaphragm and rebuild-kits designed for Bing, Nikki, Tillotson, Walbro, and Zama carburetors. Primer bulbs, fuel filters and other accessories are also available. Products are available on a wholesale basis in the standard D.E. Errick package, private-label, or bulk packaging.

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