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American Lubricating Company (ALCO)

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ALCO’s Semi-Synthetic No Smoke Two Stroke Oil is a premium synthetic air cooled two stroke oil which represents the newest generation in small engine lubricating technology. It significantly increases performance by virtuallyeliminating exhaust port blocking.

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ALCO’s Super-Lube 4-cycle Lawnmower Oil is a High Detergent SAE 30 API SJ/CD motor oil especially designed for small air cooled 4-cycle engines. This includes many lawnmowers, generators, garden tractors, tillers, and other 4-cycle engines.

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ALCO’s Super-Lubr Bar & Chain Oil is a special blend of virgin oils & tackiness agents. This premium product has low sulfur content and is generally regarded as “The Best Oil on the Market.

About the American Lubricating Company

As part of the Phillips 66 Spectrum Corporation, ALCO brand oils and lubricants are backed by the stability and quality of one of Americas largest oil companies. The ALCO brand has been in existence for more than 30 years, exporting products through authorized distributors in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, and South America. Although associated with a large corporation, the ALCO exclusive staff are dedicated to offering exceptional customer service and efficient logistics to all customers.

ALCO offers two product lines; one line with GHS approved labelling for sale in the European Union (EU), and another for international sales outside of the EU. The ALCO product range features a complete line of two and four-cycle engine oils for handheld power equipment, bar and chain oil, small engine oils, gear oils, greases, hydraulic oils for industrial and ag tractor applications, as well as many others. All products are ISO 9001:2008 certified and private-label packaging options are also offered. All ALCO products are upheld to the strictest quality control standards and are prepared and mixed by professionally trained formulation chemists.

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